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The collection

This section of the site contains the database, which provides a list of the names of the plants, together with a description, if one is available.

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Magnolia 'Aashild Kalleberg'
M. wiesneri (obovata x sieboldii) Vigorous, single stemmed, symmetrical tree. Leaves like obovata. Flowers white, open like a tulip, 25 cm diameter. Very floriferous , healthy magnolia.
color: white
Magnolia acuminata
acuminata Big tree, native to North America. Yellow green flowers appearing after the leaves. acuminata ssp. subcordata (synonym M. cordata). Slightly smaller and bushier than M. acuminata, not as hardy, yellow flowers in spring and summer. Nice little tree.
color: yellow
Magnolia acuminata subcordata (multi flower)
Upright growing tree, yellow flowering. Becomes in 90% double flowers.
color: yellow / blue
Magnolia 'Advance'
M. soulangeana. ‘Burgundy’ x M. ‘Vulcan’ An excellent new hybrid named for the breeder Vance Hooper in N.Z. , showing grandparent ‘Lanarth’ influence. The influence of the colour from parent , M. ‘Vulcan’ improves in bloom colour with establishment and
color: purple
Magnolia 'Aia'
color: white
Magnolia 'After Elizabeth'
Magnolia 'After Elizabeth' is a seedling of unknown parentage. The flowers are 'V' shaped and cream-colored near the top and streaked with purplish-red near the base. It flowers after the acuminata x denudata hybrid 'Elizabeth' ---- hence the name. This attribute makes it valuable in frost prone areas. It flowers for over a month in years when the weather is favorable. It is a vigorous grower. "After Elizabeth' is registered with the Magnolia Society International
Magnolia virginiana var. australis 'Aiken County'
M. virginiana var. australis ‘Aiken County’ Selected by Chuck Weeks of Aiken County This plant has the best foliage of M. virginiana I ever saw. Leaves are glossy as if they are waxed and have a silvery underside. Vigorous and healthy grower .
color: white
Magnolia campbellii 'Alba'
M. campbellii 'Alba' Pure white flowering campbellii.
color: white
Magnolia soulangiana 'Alba Superba'
Alba Superba' M. soulangeana 'Alba Superba' Large white flowers, 10 to 14 days later than denudata; Growth of this shrub is erect and the flowers have a good fragrance. this old cultivar has been superseded by better varieties.
color: white
Magnolia 'Albatross'
M. cylindrica x M. veitchii Fast and strong growing tree. Large white flowers in April. A spectacular hybrid magnolia.
color: white
Magnolia 'Alex'
M. soulangeana ‘Lennei’ x M. sprengeri ‘Diva’ Very upright growing pink flowered magnolia from Maurice Fosters garden, Kent, UK. Flowers are small but crowded on the twigs on every spur, rather like ‘Pegasus’ and have a soulangeana shape and style wit
color: pink
Magnolia 'Alexandrina'
Alexandrina' M. soulangeana 'Alexandrina' There are at least two forms. This is the European form. (the Japanese form is now called 'Big Pink') Flowers white flushed with purple, freely produced at a young age. Old shrubs are loaded with flowers.
color: pink
Magnolia 'Alixeed'
New light pink stellata.It is quite fragrant and has sturdy flowers, bearing lots of tepals. It is a vigorous grower and becomes a small single stemmed tree.
color: pink / white
Magnolia 'Amabilis'
M. soulangeana 'Amabilis' Makes big white flowers.
color: white / pink
Magnolia X brooklynenesis 'Amber'
M. ‘Yellow Bird’ x M. x brooklynensis Ian Baldick N.Z. More of an orange tint with honey amber colour similar to ‘Eva Maria’. Flowers are large.
color: pink / yellow
Magnolia 'Ambrosia'
'Ambrosia' M. DC4 (acuminata x brooklynensis ‘Eva Maria’) x M. brooklynensis 143 Ian Baldick N.Z. Multi coloured cupped blooms. The oval pointed tepals are barium yellow, shaded green and centrally striped with yellow.
color: yellow / pink
magnolia 'Angelica'
M. cylindrica x M. soul. ‘Sawada’s Pink’ Dennis Ledvina Dennis writes: ‘Angelica’ has nine round, cup shaped tepals that measure over 3 inches in diameter. The colour is pure white. The flower retains it bowl shape and does not flop with age. ‘Angelica’ will develop into a medium sized tree. The flowering time is intermediate between that of M. cylindrica and M. x soulangeana. The seed of this hybrid was collected from the original cross made by Phil Savage. Good seed fertility
color: white
Magnolia 'Angel Mist'
(M. officinalis x M. wieseneri) Grown from open pollinated seed received from Augie Kehr. The very fragrant, creamy-white flowers have twelve tepels that maintain excellent form. Moderate seed fertility. Zone 5
color: white
Magnolia 'Anilou'
A Kehr cross of M. acuminata x. M. ‘Elisabeth’ raised and named by Philippe de Spoelberch. and Koen Camelbeke (Formerly under number Arboretum Wespelaar 95014 B.). The tree flowers for more than a month, from mid April to end of May A vigorous erect grow
color: yellow
Magnolia 'Ann'
color: white
Magnolia 'Anna'
color: white
Magnolia 'Anne Rosse'
M. denudata x M. sargentiana var. robusta. Flowers white inside with a little pink outside. Plant selected at Nymans Gardens, England. I saw this big tree flowering there and never forget the big pinkish bowl shaped flowers. One of the best hardy, modern hybrid magnolias.
color: pink
Magnolia 'Anne Rosse' O.P.( named Mazeppa)
NAMED Magnolia 'Mazeppa' metres in three years from a 1 metre 9 litre pot. Seed from Philippe.
color: white
Magnolia 'Ann's Delight'
Ian Baldick N.Z. Flowers look like an improved M. ‘Vulcan’.
color: pink
Magnolia 'Anticipation'
August Kehr produced this plant from seed (ref. R3-18). It is probably a hybrid of cylindrica. Huge white flowers, early in season, described in our booklet under M. cylindrica.
color: white
Magnolia 'Anya'
Lawrence N.Z. This plant is derived from M. ‘Vulcan’ The colour is deep red and the flower has the shape of M. sprengeri var. diva.
color: red / pink
Magnolia 'Apollo'
M. liliiflora 'Nigra' x M. campbellii 'Lanarth' Sister seedling of 'Iolanthe', with 9 pinkish purple tepals, fragrant flowers. One of the best new plants in the collection. This shrub flowers during the whole summer.
color: pink / purple
Magnolia 'Apricot Brandy'
M. acuminata ‘Fertile Myrtle’x M. sprengeri ‘Diva’ Phil Savage Very floriferous magnolia, with flowers that combine pink and yellow to form an overall peach colour.
color: pink / yellow
Magnolia 'Archangel'
M. sprengeri ‘Diva’ x M. soul. ‘Brozzoni’ Phil Savage A magnolia that display huge, heavy textured, white flowers.
color: white
Magnolia 'Arnold Dance'
M. sargentiana var. robusta x M. campbellii var. mollicomata Plant raised at Burncoose nursery in Cornwall and named after a head gardener there; Flowers large and a rich pink colour.
color: pink
Magnolia macrophylla var. Ashei
M. macrophylla var. ashei Smaller than macrophylla. Native to Florida. will flower at an early age, white.
color: white
Magnolia 'Asian Artistry'
M. denudata x M. sprengeri ‘ Diva’ Vigorous tree-like grower. Nice green leaves. Large flowers with the fragrance of ‘ Diva’ , white inside, red purple outside at the base. 9-12 tepals. Hardy and fast growing. Flowers at a younger age than ‘ Diva’ .
color: purple / white
Magnolia 'Athene'
M. 'Mark Jury' x M. soul. 'Lennei Alba' Flowers : 20-25 cm , "cup and saucer" shaped. Ivory white, red striped undersides. A floriferous, upright tree, bearing flowers similar to campbellii.Flowers have beautiful scent
color: pink
Magnolia 'Atlas'
M. 'Mark Jury' x M. soulangeana 'Lennei' "Cup and saucer" flowers, up to 35 cm diameter, flowering at an early age. Tepals pink outside, white within. M. ' Atlas ' has the biggest flowers I have ever seen on a magnolia.
color: pink / white
Magnolia 'Aurora'
M. ‘Starwars’ x M. sarg. var. robusta The enormous pink flowers cover the plant already on a young age.
color: pink
Magnolia 'Avocet'
M. x veitchii ‘Isca’x M.x soulangeana Tim Thornton , 2003. (hybrid no 91) The Avocet is a wading bird with an upturned beak black and white
color: white / pink
Magnolia loebneri 'Ballerina'
M. loebneri 'Ballerina' 'Spring Snow' x 'Waterlily' 30 tepals, fragrant. smaller than 'Merrill'.
color: white
Magnolia 'Banane Flambée'
('Woodsman' x 'Pink Surprise') from Dennis Ledvina
color: yellow / pink
Magnolia 'Banana Split'
(M. brooklynensis 'Woodsman' x M. 'Lennei') x M. 'Elizabeth' A selection by Philippe de Spoelberch, raised from a cross by August Kehr. Tepals 25 cm long, outer tepals yellow cream with a purple stripe and green base. Plant grows vigorously and upright
color: yellow / purple
Magnolia dawsonia ' Barbara Cook'
M. dawsoniana ‘ Barbara Cook’ Alleyne Cook Exceptional pink flower color. The greater fulnes of the flowers is due to the much wider tepals.
color: pink
Magnolia 'Barbara Nell'
‘This cultivar is pyramidal in growth with an upright leader, resembling M. acuminata. The flowers are creamy white (RHS yellow-white 158B) with an overlay of pink (RHS Red 36B) shading from the base of the tepal up the midrib. The effect up close is a pale yellow to peach, and from a distance the flowers appear very pale yellow. The final form of the flower is cup-and-saucer with 10 tepals. The outer tepals are 4 in. by 2 in. at the widest point, with inner tepals slightly smaller. ‘Barbara Nell’ is the result of a cross made by Phil Savage, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, in 1979. ( tekst )
color: yellow / white
Magnolia 'Bernie Hollard'
campbelli ssp. Mollicomata Ssmall to medium sized blooms, which have excellent form.
color: pink
Magnolia 'Betty'
M. liliiflora 'Nigra' x M. stellata 'Rosea' Flowers with 12-19 tepals, purple at the base, grey purple at the apex, about 20 cm diameter; one of the darker hybrid from the DeVos and Kosar hybrids
color: pink
Magnolia campbellii 'Betty Jessel'
M. campbellii ‘ Betty Jessel’ A late flowering form (April- May). Crimson flower color. Interesting too of its deeper coloration on the upper surface of the tepals and not the lower as is normal.
color: pink / red
Magnolia soulangiana 'Beugnon'
M. soulangeana 'Beugnon' Selection from Castle Beugnon in France. Flowers freely at a very young age. 14 days later than typical M. soulangeana.
color: pink / white
Magnolia 'Big Dude'
M. soulangeana 'Wada's Picture' x M. sprengeri var. diva Hardy, fast grower, with big flowers, pinkish purple outside and white inside. Flowers are often nodding, due to their large size, a very fertile clone bearing much seed every year, crossed and r
color: pink / purple
Magnolia X soulangiana  'Big Pink'
M. soulangeana 'Big Pink' Flowers a week later than normal soulangeana. Plant is more tree like; flowers are much longer than typical soulangeana. Was previously name 'Alexandrina Japanese form'; was extensively used by Phil Savage in his hybridisatio
color: pink
Magnolia 'Binette'
Possibly M. cylindrica x M. Lennei Alba Creamy white upright flowers, floriferous, Late flowering, with soulangeana 'Brozzonii; unknown origin, named by Ph. de Spoelberch (his daughter's nick name)
color: white