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Magnolia 'Barbara Nell'

Magnolia 'Barbara Nell'

‘This cultivar is pyramidal in growth with an upright leader, resembling M. acuminata. The flowers are creamy white (RHS yellow-white 158B) with an overlay of pink (RHS Red 36B) shading from the base of the tepal up the midrib. The effect up close is a pale yellow to peach, and from a distance the flowers appear very pale yellow. The final form of the flower is cup-and-saucer with 10 tepals. The outer tepals are 4 in. by 2 in. at the widest point, with inner tepals slightly smaller. ‘Barbara Nell’ is the result of a cross made by Phil Savage, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, in 1979. ( tekst )

Color: yellow
2nd color: white
Size: 10-20 cm
Pot size: 7
Parents: (M. acuminata cv. Fertile Myrtle x M. sprengeri cv. Diva).

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