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The collection

This section of the site contains the database, which provides a list of the names of the plants, together with a description, if one is available.

Not all of the plant species on this list can be delivered! To check the availability, select ‘stock / yes’ under the search function at the top left of the page.

The prices of the plants, as well as any associated costs, are listed under the 'prices' heading.

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Magnolia biondii
Tree, similar to salicifolia, leaves very shiny, flowers are like kobus, fragrant, can form a big tree.
color: white
Magnolia 'Birgitta Aurora'
M. cylindrica x M. x brooklynensis ‘Woodsman’ Tore Widenfalk 2004 Tore received seeds from the seed counter (hand pollinated seed given by Magaki, Japan)of M. cylindrica. Growth is fastigiate with a sturdy trunk. The peculiarity of ‘Birgit Aurora’ is
color: pink / red
Magnolia 'Bishop Peter'
M. campbellii ssp. mollicomata Williamsianum ‘Lanarth’ seedling From Caerhays Castle Gardens The plant flowers at a younger age than the normal ‘Lanarth’
Magnolia 'Bjuv'
A cylindrica form or hybrid seedling from Karl Flink's garden in Bjuv (Sweden) which came from the Arnold and was introduced from China as M. cylindrica, but produces exceptionally small compact darkly striped flowers.
color: white / red
Magnolia brooklynensis 'Black Beauty'
M. x brooklynensis #204 ‘Black Beauty’ M. acuminata x M. liliiflora Brooklyn. Botanic Garden Flowers are very dark purple and have a creamy white interior which gives a heavy contrast
color: purple
Magnolia 'Black Tulip'
M. ‘ Vulcan’ x M. ‘ Iolanthe’ Mark Jury 1998 Flowers with dark wine red, goblet shaped tepals of a heavy substance on a smaller growing tree. Flowers are colored inside and out and do not transmit any light making them appear darker. They are up to 1
color: purple
Magnolia 'Blood Moon
M. sargentiana 'Blood Moon' Darker pink flowers than var. robusta and 'Caerhays Belle'. Can grow as a tree to 15 meter.
color: pink / purple
Magnolia  tripetala 'Bloomfield'
M. tripetala 'Bloomfield' Leaves thicker and larger. Fruits pinkish white.
color: white
Magnolia 'Blue Opal'
M. acuminata ‘Blue Opal’ syn. ‘Henry Blue’ The most bluish acuminata hybrid
color: blue / yellow
Magnolia 'Blushing Belle'
M. ‘Yellow Bird ’x M. ‘Caerhays Belle’ Dennis Ledvina 2001 Flowers of this hybrid are similar to ‘Caerhays Belle’, but much hardier and with narrower tepals .These tepals (deep pink exterior and lighter pink interior) shows no traces of yellow.
color: pink
Magnolia 'Bon Vintage'
San Jose x liliiflora Nigra Hybrid raised at Duncan and Davies very similar to M. x Royal Crown.
color: pink
Magnolia grandiflora 'Bracken's Brown Beauty'
M. grandiflora 'Bracken's Brown Beauty' Dense, pyramidal habit and prolific flower production. Flowers are about half the size of typical grandiflora. Leaves dark green, with undulating margins, rusty brown indumentum.
color: white
Magnolia acuminata var. Subcordata 'Brenda'
M. acuminata var.subcordata ‘ Brenda’ Brilliant golden flowers are produced on very young plants. Flowers are fairly small, but make up for lack of size with the color. Slow growing compact tree.
color: yellow
Magnolia 'Brett'
It actually came about as a result of a failed attempt to cross M 'Lesley Jane' with 'Forrests Pink'.  One seed did germinate from this cross and was very obviously a hybrid between the two, but the other seed that germinated was very unlike the hybrid, and I truly believe that this was an apomictic or perhaps open pollinated  seedling which was completely unaffected by the pollen of 'Lesley Jane'.  I named it ' Brett' after a dog I used to have.  Last year was it's fourth year of flowering, which means it was ten years old at that time, and it is now about 7M tall.
color: pink
Magnolia sargentiana var. Robusta 'Briar'
M. sargentiana var. robusta ‘ Briar’ Alleyne Cook. Vancouver. Canada This plant is not named because of the flowers but because of the curious tubular or cornupia shape of the new leaves as they emerge. After various contortions over three months the
color: pink
Magnolia sargentiana  'Broadleas'
M. sargentiana multitepal ‘ Broadleas’ Philippe de Spoelberch 2002 This is the best multitepal sargentiana. A compact tree with flowers on eye level which hold on short branches and do not hang over.
color: white / pink
Magnolia 'Bronwyne'
M. liliiflora ‘Nigra’ x M. campbelli ‘Lanarth’ Ian Baldick N.Z. He writes: It is half the size of ‘Ruth’ both in flower and plant. The colour is similar to ‘Lanarth’.
color: purple / pink
Magnolia 'Brozzoni'
M. soulangeana 'Brozzoni' White flowers with some green stripe at the base of the outer tepals. Looks like a big denudata, but flowers are latest of all soulangeana. Often, a second flowering in July and August; one of the best M. soulangeana selections
color: white
Magnolia 'Bucklands'
M. sprengeri ‘Diva’ (Bucklands) A selection from Bucklands Garden, England, which has darker tepals.
color: pink / white
Magnolia  X soulangiana 'Burgundy'
M. soulangeana 'Burgundy' Big, deep purple flowers; not as hardy as the type.
color: purple
Magnolia 'Burgundy Spire'
M. ‘Yellow Bird’ X M. ‘Apollo’. I was impressed with its very narrow growth habit as a young seedling and thrilled to see it bloom with a clear burgundy exterior and a cream interior. The nine tepals remain upright and do not flop as the flowers age. Because of its abundance of lateral flower buds, it remains in bloom for several weeks. This is a very desirable magnolia for limited garden space. ( text Dennis Ledvina)
color: red
Magnolia 'Burncoose Purple'
M. sprengeri 'Burncoose Purple' From Burncoose in Cornwall, England. Very fastigiate habit. Flowers larger than typical, deep pink-purple.
color: purple
Magnolia acuminata 'Busey'
M. acuminata 'Busey' Fast growing, hardy tree. Steel blue tepals outside, yellow inside.
color: blue / yellow
Magnolia 'Butterbowl'
(M. ‘ Yellow Bird’ x M. ‘ Sundance’) x M. ‘ Yellow Dance’ Philippe de Spoelberch 2002 Good habit. Small but fleshy flowers, orange-yellow, broad tepals. Flowers keep there structure for a long period of time. Attractive plant.
color: yellow / pink
Magnolia 'Butterflies'
M. acuminata x M. denudata 'Sawada's Cream' The best yellow cultivar to date. Flowers are deep-yellow. The plant is columnar in growth.
color: yellow
Magnolia 'Caerhays Belle'
M. sargentiana var. robusta x M. sprengeri var. diva. Large salmon pink flowers (30cm) across and held erect. 12 broad tepals. Vigorous tree.
color: pink
Magnolia 'Caerhays Seedling'
Recent selection, from Savill Gardens
color: white / pink
Magnolia 'Caerhays Surprise'
M. campbellii mollicomata x M. liliiflora 'Nigra' Bright violet flower buds, pinkish purple when open, 20cm. diameter. Prolific bloomer, at an early age, a good hardy plant of outstanding merit. Medium size, deciduous tree.
color: pink
Magnolia 'Caerhays New Purple Seedling' = 'J.C. Williams'
M. sargentiana var. robusta x M. sprengeri var. diva. Named 'JC Williams' Unregistered and till now not described
color: pink
Magnolia 'Cameo'
color: pink /
Magnolia campellii
Large tree, native to Himalaya. Big "cup and saucer" pink flowers. Large green leaves. Not hardy in Holland.
color: white
Magnolia campellii var. Mollicomata
Large pink flowers, as campbellii but slightly hardier (to -10°C)
color: white / pink
Magnolia 'Candy Cane'
Parentage unknown, also known as J.G. 28. A Gresham hybrid, 9 tepals in three whorls, rose, fading to white, with a rose stripe running from base to tip.
color: pink / white
Magnolia 'Carlos'
M. acuminata. ssp. subcordata x M. denudata Philippe de Spoelberch selection of an Eisenhut seedling good yellow flowers, flowering 'with Elisabeth' and 'Limelight', together with some leaves.
color: yellow
Magnolia 'Cathryn'
M. liliiflora ‘Nigra’x M. camp. var. mollicomata. Vance Hooper The flowers are slightly smaller than ‘Purple Sensation’ but the tepals are intense purple with silvery tips. The tree grows upright.
color: purple / pink
Magnolia ' Cecil Nice'
M. denudata x M. sargentiana var. robusta Flowers pure white, scented, with nine tepals, will grow to a medium sized tree.
color: white
Magnolia stellata 'Centennial'
M. stellata 'Centennial' Previously known as 'Harvard Centennial' Selected from stellata 'Rosea' seedlings, 30 tepals with a little pink. Looks like very much like Waterlily.
color: white
Magnolia 'Chameleon'
Flowers in June and September with light red flowers. possibly a Variety of amoena, a big shrub.
color: red / pink
Magnolia chapensis
syn. Michelia chapensis another syn. is Michelia Tsoi South China, Vietnam . USDA zone 8a Evergreen tree with fragrant pale yellow flowers. It takes a long time before it flowers.
color: yellow / white
Magnolia 'Charisma'
M. ‘J.C. Williams’x M. ‘Vulcan’ Ian Baldick N.Z. A much redder flower than J.C. Williams
color: red
Magnolia 'Charles Carlson'
M. 'Star Wars' x M. 'Norman Gould' R raised and named by John. Carlson 2000.
Magnolia 'Charles Coates'
M. sieboldii x M. tripetala. Leaves are similar to tripetala, but smaller. Flowers white, upward facing, resemble those of tripetala, good fragrance. A large shrub or small tree.
color: white
Magnolia grandiflora 'Charles Dickens'
M. grandiflora 'Charles Dickens' Small tree Nice shining leaves, of a lighter green than most.
color: white
Magnolia campbellii 'Charles Raffill'
M. campbellii x M. campbellii mollicomata. Big pink flowers, slightly scented, vigorous grower. Not completely hardy here in Holland (hardy to -13°C, but very sensitive to any spring frost).
color: pink
Magnolia 'Charming Lady'
(M. ‘Lennei’ x M. ‘Toro’) A magnolia with huge flowers up to ten inches in diameter with an exterior color of a deep purple and the interior of pure white. Zone 4
color: red / pink
Magnolia denudata 'China Doll'
M. denudata ‘China Doll’ Lemon scented pure white flowers.
color: white
Magnolia 'China Town' syn. 'Jing Ning'
Slow growing, stellata type, with pink flowers.
color: white / pink
Magnolia lilliflora  (Chinese Form)
M. liliiflora (Chinese Form) A more elegant form , with dark flowers.
color: purple
Magnolia stellata 'Chrysanthemiflora'
M. stellata 'Chrysanthemiflora' wonderful Seedling from stellata 'Rubra', 40 tepals clear pink.
color: pink
Magnolia 'Chyverton' seedling
M. dawsoniana 'Chyverton' seedling Flowers clear red, very frost hardy, perhaps a cross with sprengeri var. diva.
color: red
Magnolia dawsoniana 'Chyverton Red'
M. dawsoniana 'Chyverton Red' As dawsoniana, but red to crimson flowers. Darkness of colour depends on actual temperature.
color: red
Magnolia 'Claret Cup'
Seedling from sprengeri var. diva 12 tepals, flowers 20 cm. diameter, purple rose outside, white inside. This is an outstanding plant in my collection, which flowers massively.
color: pink
Magnolia grandiflora 'Claudia Wannamaker'
M. grandiflora ‘ Claudia Wannamaker’ Flowers are smaller than typical grandiflora, produced on a broadly pyramidal tree. Blooming time is over a long period. Leaves are smaller too but have a very dark indumentum.
color: white
Magnolia 'dawsoniana 'Clarke'
M. dawsoniana 'Clarke' Deep pink, striped flowers, 20 cm. in diameter. Also called 'Clarks Variety'.
color: pink
Magnolia 'Cleopatra'
Magnolia hybrid Cleopatra has an abundance of amethyst purple flowers in the spring. The flowers of Cleopatra have a firm texture and are weatherproof. It is a beautiful hybrid with a bright, bold colour that is rare among the Magnolias. Cleopatra blooms abundantly from a young age and grows into an upright pyramidal tree that in time slowly branches sidewarts. Cleopatra becomes in 10-15 years about 5 meters high.
color: pink