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The collection

This section of the site contains the database, which provides a list of the names of the plants, together with a description, if one is available.

Not all of the plant species on this list can be delivered! To check the availability, select ‘stock / yes’ under the search function at the top left of the page.

The prices of the plants, as well as any associated costs, are listed under the 'prices' heading.

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Magnolia gotoburgensis clone 1
M. x gotoburgensis 'Fragrance'
color: white
Magnolia gotoburgensis clone 2
M. x gotoburgensis 'Tor'
color: white
Magnolia 'Coates'
M. soulangeana 'Coates' Lavender colour, vase shaped flowers. a nice plant
color: pink / white
Magnolia soulangiana 'Coimbra'
M. soulangeana 'Coimbra' Named after its growing site, the city of Coimbra in Portugal. Big pink soulangeana flowers.
color: pink
Magnolia conifera
syn. Manglietia chingii South China Vietnam. USDA zone 7b Evergreen tree to 20 m. Flowers are slightly fragrant and a bit pendulous . The inner tepals are white but the outer usually green.
color: white
Magnolia sieboldii 'Colossus'
M. sieboldii 'Colossus' From Aug. Kehr ,received as: Best polyploid sieboldii, described as plant R15-3. Large flowers, with 10 to 17 heavy textured tepals. Flowers fragrant. Plant flowers profusely. This looks as a outstanding magnolia with a great fu
color: white
Magnolia 'Columbus'
M. denudata x M. veitchii A large white flowering tree.
color: white
Magnolia 'Columnar Pink'
A plant from Maurice Foster’s Garden Too early to describe.
color: pink
Magnolia 'Como'
Seedling of M. camp. var. mollicomata or M. campbellii Australia A superb form , similar to the best M. campbellii Alba group.
Magnolia 'Cook'
mollicomata hybrid Typical sargentiana Robusta x mollicomata seedling from England.
color: pink / white
Magnolia salicifolia 'Concolor'
M. salicifolia 'Concolor' Flowers larger, petals broader. young leaves are purple for several weeks. This selection blooms later than all other salicifolia varieties.
color: white / pink
Magnolia sprengeri 'Copeland Court'
M. sprengeri Copeland Court' A seedling of sprengeri var. diva. A compact and erect grower with pink flowers, darker and brighter than typical sprengeri var. Diva
color: pink
Magnolia 'Coral Lake'
M. 'Legend' x M. 'Butterflies' A coral coloured magnolia pinkish with yellow tones, semi fastigiate.
color: pink
Magnolia 'Cotton Candy'
M. ‘Red Baron’ X M. ‘Blushing Belle’. The huge flowers have nine broad tepals that are a medium pink on both the exterior and the interior and show no traces of green or purple. With its genetic background being 7/16 M. acuminata, it is a very hardy “campbellii type” magnolia for colder climates.(text Denis Ledvina)
color: pink
Magnolia 'Cresendo'
(M. ‘Yellow Lantern’ x M. ‘Big Dude’?) An open pollinated seedling of ‘Yellow Lantern’, but ‘Bid Dude’ is believed to be the pollen parent. Huge pink flowers emerge from tiny flower buds to create a “crescendo” effect. Zone 5
color: pink
Magnolia 'Crimson Stipple'
M. soulangeana 'Lennei Alba' x M. veitchii 'Rubra' Gresham hybrid. Upright growing, similar to 'Rouged Alabaster', but has darker stripes on the 30 cm. big flowers. Flowers are fragrant and 30 cm. across. Upright growth.
color: white
Magnolia 'Crystal Chalice'
M. x soulangeana ‘Lennei’x M. sprengeri ‘Diva’ Maurice Foster Flowers are white and with a very elegant form, opening into a shapely bowl.
color: white
Magnolia 'Cup Cake'
M. soulangeana 'Lennei Alba' x M. veitchii This Gresham hybrid has cream coloured flowers. They are fragrant and 30 cm. across.
color: white
Magnolia 'Curly Head'
M. acuminata x M . veitchii 'Peter Veitch' A tall, upright tree, with dense habit. Leaves are curled. Flowers are pink and yellow on white. Formerly named: 'Editor Hopkins'.
color: pink / yellow
Magnolia 'Curly Locks'
M. brooklynensis x M. acuminata Unregistered selection raised and named by Philippe de Spoelberch. Fastigiate growing shrub with pale white-green-yellow flowers. Petals curl like those of Iris . Curious plant.
color: yellow / white
Magnolia cylindrica ( true form)
Pure white flowers, with purple stripe, very early, six tepals, with 3 typical small base sepaloid tepals. This should not be confused with 'Pegasus' the well know cylindrica hybrid from Hillier's. Thick cylindrical fruits which break open on maturing.
color: white / pink
C4   = (liliiflora Nigra x Leonard Messel) colchicined
Tekst John Weagle : A breeder's plant as it's a polyploid, might even cross with grandiflora. Flowers can be superb some years. Seed is malformed and never sprouts. Kehr thought this might be a dodecaploid. Cross and treatment was done by Joe Harvey when he lived here. When he moved he left some seedlings with me, 4 were obviously affected by the colchicine and this is the best.
Magnolia 'Daisy Diva'
M. sprengeri’Diva’x M. ‘Lennei Alba’ Mike Robinson 1999 Flowers have 12 tepals and open flat to about 25 cm. across. Tree is upright growing. The flowers appear all along the branches.
color: white
Magnolia 'Daphne'
This is one of the most recent magnolias.It is a seedling of August Kerr,planted and followed by Philippe. What first attracts attention is the small size,the dark green leaves and the vivid yellow flowers. The bush now grows spherical,more or less
color: yellow
Magnolia 'Darell Dean'
M. soulangeana 'Rustica Rubra' x M. veitchii Large wine red flowers. 30 cm diameter, opening late in season. Flowers stand horizontally on the branches.
color: red / purple
Magnolia campbellii 'Darjeeling'
M. campbellii ‘Darjeeling’ Lloyd Botanic Garden Darjeeling India 1967 named by Hillier A late flowering M. campbellii with exceptionally dark pink or wine-coloured flowers. An upright growing tree.
color: pink / red
Magnolia sprengeri  'Dark Diva'
M. sprengeri ‘Dark Diva’ syn. M. sprengeri ‘Mystery Diva’ Phil Savage A dark pink flowered selection raised by Phil from seed collected at the Stribing Arboretum. Hardier than Diva
color: pink / purple
Magnolia 'Dark Shadow'
A Gresham cross of unknown origin Dark purple flowers. Previously under number J.G. 30.
Magnolia liliflora 'Darkest Purple'
M. liliiflora 'Darkest Purple' The best, largest and broadest tepaled form of M. liliiflora. Fragrant flowers, dark red in and out. Very late flowering.
color: red
Magnolia 'David Clulow'
M. soulangeana 'Lennei Alba' x M. veitchii? Gresham Pure white flowers 23 cm, wide. Cup and Saucer shaped, like campbellii 'Alba'. They open in mid spring and later produce big red fruits. Formerly named under number Gresham L.A. 20. This is one the mo
color: white
Magnolia dawsoniana
Tall shrub or small tree, native to China. Glabrous, dark green leaves with red petiole. Pink flowers, very early flowering, 10 broad Tepals, soon hanging.
color: pink / white
Magnolia 'Daybreak'
M. brooklynensis 'Woodsman' x M. 'Tina Durio' This fragrant excellent magnolia from August Kehr, grows narrow and upright.. It has light pink flowers, with a light salmon tone, which are fragrant.
color: pink / red
Magnolia grandiflora 'D.D. Blanchard'
M. grandiflora 'D.D.Blanchard' Upright, almost columnar grower when young, becoming pyramidal with age. Flowers are typical. Leaves have a bright coppery underside.
color: white
Magnolia 'Deborah'
M. ‘First Flush’ x M. campbellii Ian Baldick N.Z. White flowers with a red base, they have cup and saucer form.
color: white / red
Magnolia manglitia 'Decidua'
syn. Manglietia decidua China . USDA zone 6b Deciduous tree with yellow flowers. Very fragrant. This is an endangered species in China
color: yellow / white
Magnolia 'Deep Purple Dream'
M. soulangeana 'Deep Purple Dream' 'Lennei' seedling. Very dark pink, bowl shaped flowers. very late flowering soulangeana (with 'Momayu' and 'Fukuju' ten days after 'Brozzonii'), with asymmetrical white shadings in certain petals; Also known as 'Purpl
color: purple / pink
Magnolia delavayi
Evergreen shrub, not completely hardy in Holland. (hardy to -10°c) Leaves dark green, pale green beneath.; White fragrant flowers which last only some hours on two successive nights.(female phase on first night, then male or pollen phase).
color: white
Magnolia 'Delia Williams'
M. campbellii x sargentiana var. robusta Michael Caerhays
Magnolia 'Delicatissima'
M. soulangeana 'Lennei Alba' x M. veitchii 'Rubra' Compact growing Gresham hybrid. Flowers fragrant, white with rosy pink shades.
color: white / pink
Magnolia'Dennis Ledvina' (woodsman x pink royalty)
('Woodsman' x 'Pink Royalthy)'. This cross was made by Mr. Dennis Ledvina, and it first bloomed at Magnolia Heaven (Sira) Olav Kalleberg's collection of magnolias i Norway. It has beautifully formed flowers. It is extremely fragrant. Fertile. Registered 2006.
color: pink
Magnolia denudata
Early flowering tree, or shrub in maritime climates, Also named heptapeta, conspicua or yulan. Native to China. Ivory white flowers, early.
color: white
Magnolia dianica syn michelia yunnanensis
syn. Michelia yunnanensis USDA zone 7b or 7a Evergreen shrub with leathery leaves. Flowers are white and very fragrant. This is the most hardy and latest flowering michelia. In my collection it has not suffered any frost damage.
color: white / yellow
Magnolia grandiflora 'Dioneses Bowl'
M. grandiflora ‘ Dioneses Bowl’ Harry Heineman 2000 White flowers holding a bowl shape because of each tepal lies flat and than folds up at a sharp angle.
color: white
Magnolia sprengeri  'Diva'
Columnar growing tree. Early flowering, and profuse after some years. 12 tepals, pinkish red outside and with a pink stripe inside, very fragrant, an outstanding species.
color: pink / red
Magnolia doltsopa
syn. Michelia doltsopa Very fragrant flowers , pale yellow to white in colour in April. A large multi stemmed shrub with glossy green leaves. USDA zone 8
color: white / yellow
Magnolia X loebneri  'Donna'
Selected by Harry Heineman and named after his wife. Large flat white flowers 20 cm. across. One of the best loebneri varieties.
color: white
Magnolia liliiflora 'Doris'
M. liliiflora 'Doris' Large purple long lasting flowers.
color: purple
Magnolia soulangeana 'Dorsopurpurea'
Dorsopurpurea' M. soulangeana 'Dorsopurpurea' Purple flushes on outer tepals.
color: purple / pink
Magnolia denudata 'Double Diamond'
M. denudata ‘Double Diamond’ A multi tepaled form of M. denudata from China
color: white
Magnolia stellata 'Dr. Massey'
M. stellata 'Dr. Massey' Also called 'Rosea Massey'. Pinkish in bud, but becoming white when open.
color: pink / white
Magnolia 'Dude's Brother'
A seedling of 'Picture' x sprengeri var. diva, from Phil Savage (number R15-4), named by Philippe de Spoelberch flowering early, with sprengeri var. diva, purple base with strong stripe to point of tepal.
color: purple / white
Magnolia 'Dude's Sister'
A seedling of Picture x sprengeri var. diva, from Phil Savage (number R10-7), named by Philippe de Spoelberch, flowering before Big Dude (a sister seedling), similar to Dude's Brother but paler.
color: pink / white
Magnolia 'Early Lucky'
Plant found between a shipment of Red Lucky from China by Piet Vergleldt. It's a white/pink flowering compact growing plant. Flowers on early age.
color: pink / white
Magnolia 'Early Rose'
M. campbellii x M. liliiflora Blumhard 1970 This sister seedling of ‘ Starwars’ has very large rose pink flowers produced on a large bushy multistemmed shrub.
color: pink
Magnolia grandiflora 'Edith Bogue
M. grandiflora 'Edith Bogue' Very hardy and vigorous tree. This Plant has withstood temperatures of -25 C.
color: white
Magnolia 'Edward E. Kehr'
M. kobus‘Edward E. Kehr’ Old name for M. ‘Octopus’ An octoploid selection of M. kobus. See to under M. ‘Octopus’
color: white
Magnolia 'Eleanor May'
M. soulangeana x M. campbellii 'Lanarth' Deep reddish purple buds open to clear red-purple, bowl-shaped flowers. Upright habit.
color: purple / red
Magnolia 'Elegance'
M. sprengeri ‘Diva’ x M. stellata ‘Waterlily’ Phil Savage This multi tepaled magnolia has pure pink flowers.
color: pink
Magnolia 'Elisa Odenwald'
M. soulangeana 'Lennei Alba' x M. veitchii This Gresham hybrid has creamy white, fragrant flowers which are about 30 cm across. Plant is not very hardy here in Holland.
color: white
Magnolia 'Elizabeth'
M. acuminata x M. denudata Light yellow fragrant flowers, produced before the leaves. Flowers late enough to avoid night frosts. Initially, pyramidal growth. Flower size is similar to denudata. A good light yellow magnolia
color: yellow / white
Magnolia acuminata ssp. subcordata 'Ellen'
M. acuminata ssp. subcordata 'Ellen' Variegated leaves.
Magnolia sprengeri var. 'Elongata'
Not as fast growing as M. sprengeri. White tepals, purple at the base.
color: white / purple
Magnolia 'Emma Cook'
M. denudata x M. stellata 'Waterlily' From the same cross as 'Pristine' (white), but 'Emma Cook' (??) has lavender pink flowers; in other respects, the same as denudata.
color: white / pink
Magnolia grandiflora 'Emory'
M. grandiflora 'Emory' Columnar growth. Dark indumentum.
Magnolia loebneri 'Encore'
M. loebneri 'Encore (a 'Ballerina' seedling) A loebneri type that has multiple buds at the tips of the stems as well as along the stems, hence it is extremely floriferous. Forms a nice bushy plant. Flowers white 18-25 tepals with a pink tinge.
color: white
Magnolia 'Encore' x 'Alexandrina'
Encore' x 'Alexandrina' August Kehr. Dennis Ledvina thinks it is worth naming this plant. This cross from Encore and Alexandrina has bright lavender pink flowers
Magnolia sprengeri  'Eric Savill'
M. sprengeri 'Eric Savill' Seedling from sprengeri var. diva . Darker red especially in bud. From Savil Gardens. England.
color: pink / purple
Magnolia 'Eskimo'
(soulangeana 'Lennei' x M. kobus 'Norman Gould') from August Kehr. A hybrid of a soulangeana crossed with a triploid kobus. Light lilac flowers which withstood 6 degrees Fahrenheit. Very slow growing tree. Plant raised by Kehr. It is interesting because
color: white / pink