Piet Vergeldt Boomkwekerij bv
Horsterdijk 103
5973 PM Lottum The Netherlands
Tel. +31 (0)77 - 3663430
Fax +31 (0)77 - 3662758

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The Nursery

In 1964 Piet Vergeldt started his nursery in Lottum (The Netherlands). In the beginning he produced roses and fruit trees. Soon he became interested in conifers and shrubs, and made a speciality of grafting.

The Magnoliastore company was set up by Wim Rutten (1940-2006).
Wim collected magnolias from the seventies onwards and started planting them in his garden in Zevenhuizen, the Netherlands.
In 2005, when it became evident that Wim's illness was in the final stages, he handed the site and many of the plants over to Piet Vergeldt.

This garden can be visited by appointment only. 
If you are interested, please contact us to make an appointment.

Now the nursery has grown into a company of 15 hectares. Consisting of 12 hectares field grown and 1.5 hectare container culture outside and 1.5 hectare in glas- and foliehouses.

Piet, his wife and their sons Job en Tijn are managing the nursery together with 6 employees.

Since 1975 the range of the nursery is very extensive;

  • Acer palmatum 35 species
  • Cornus florida , kousa and nuttallii species. (Keeper Dutch collection 130 species)
  • Pinus 40 species
  • Magnolia 400 species
  • Abies, Sequoiadendron, Hamamelis, Ginkgo and other grafted conifers and shrubs in species.

The magnolias offered in this store are grafted from scions taken from the collectionplants. So this is the best possibility to grow them true to name. we deliver young plants in a container, they are healthy and off about 30 cm avaliable.